The LeXenomics Organic Economic Growth Strategies for Lexington

LeXenomics’ organic economic growth strategies

The LeXenomics Group has created and is implementing inside-out, “organic” economic growth strategies. We recognize Lexington’s strongest asset is already hereits elite brainpower.

By implementing proven, researched, leading-edge strategies – concurrently – we can better leverage Lexington’s robust human capital for a richer, more vibrant economic climate – for everybody.


Connectivity => Brain Gain => Economic Growth.   A “real sense of community” – where peoples’ ideas and opinions matter - fundamentally makes or breaks a city’s economy. Research shows that a newly engaged, informed Lexington can yield 10-20% more value, economically.

Innovation & Entrepreneurial Incubating

Between 1980 and 2005, all net job growth in the United States came from businesses that were five years old, or younger.  Lexington’s talent is its future economic pipeline.


Smartly investing into our brainpower, our ideas and our businesses is the only smart choice.


We have to put Lexington’s brainpower, ideas and businesses on the world’s map, making it that much easier for our high-growth companies to reach the global marketplace.


Without knowing trends, data and opportunities, we won’t know where to go.


Smart people gravitate toward opportunistic, inspiring, provoking environments. Or in our case, cities.