Entrepreneurial and Innovation Explorations with Saul Kaplan

Saul Kaplan, Founder of the Business Innovation Factoryand one of the United States’ leading innovation & entrepreneurial catalysts came to Lexington & Louisville

Monday, February 7 - Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Building a Richer Entrepreneurial & Innovation Ecosystemthroughout Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee and Pennsylvania

When you think of TEDs founder, Richard Saul Wurman, think Saul Kaplan. When you think ofFastCompany Co-Founders Bill Taylor and Alan Webber, think Saul Kaplan. When you think of TonyHsiehof Zappos, Jason Fried of37Signals, best-selling author Daniel Pink and Wired Magazine’s Executive Editor Kevin Kelly, think Saul Kaplan. When you think of John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design; Len Schleginger, President of Babson College (America’s #1 university for entrepreneurship);Carmen Medina, former Deputy Director of Intelligence of the CIA……

Think Saul Kaplan and the Business Innovation Factory in Providence, Rhode Island.

Then think of building such a world-class entrepreneurial & innovation ecosystem right here in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee and beyond.

The LeXenomics Group, thanks to support from Randall Stevens ofBase163 in downtown Lexington and David Mohney of the University of Kentucky plus Lexington’s Downtown Development Authority, flew Saul Kaplan into central Kentucky for two days of intimate, in-depth, specific explorations into building such an ecosystem right here in our front yards.

Reviewing Saul Kaplan’s Visit to Kentucky

Questions We Asked:

  • What pieces do we need to build a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lexington, in Louisville, in Kentucky and in the region?
  • What pieces are we missing?
  • How do we get, or create, those missing pieces?
  • What can we do better with the pieces we already have?
  • How do we create new economic value in our region – growing new companies and new enterprises that serve local, regional, national and international customers?

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Saul Kaplan’s World-Class Background

Kaplan started BIF in 2005 with a mission to enable collaborative innovation. The non-profit is creating a real world laboratory for innovators to explore and test system level solutions in areas of high social importance including health care, education, and energy independence.

Kaplan is also the founder of Innomodels LLC, which provides proprietary business model innovation advisory and project services to public and private sector organizations.

Prior to focusing on business model and system level innovation, Kaplan served as the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and as the Executive Counselor to the Governor on Economic and Community Development. Kaplan created Rhode Island’s unique innovation @ scale economic development strategy aimed at increasing the state’s capacity to grow and support an innovation economy, including an effort to turn the state’s compact geography and close knit public and private sector networks into a competitive advantage.

Prior to his state leadership role in economic development Kaplan served as a Senior Strategy Partner in Accenture’s Health & Life Science practice and worked broadly throughout the pharmaceutical, medical products, and biotechnology industry. His work focused on assisting organizations in the design and implementation of global strategies to bring new products to market faster and increase the profitability of existing products. In addition to his client-focused work, Kaplan held many practice leadership roles within the organization and was instrumental in the formation and rapid growth of Accenture’s pharmaceutical and medical products practice.

Kaplan also is a member of the Board of Directors for Family Services of Rhode Island and The Big Picture Company. Kaplan was appointed to the Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council and is a member of the Board of Overseers for Roger Williams University.

Kaplan also served as the Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Quonset Development Corporation and the Slater Technology Fund.